Assisting Mother Nature with automatic sprinkler systems, landscaping and lawn maintenance.

Mike's Nature's Own

Nature's Own, LLC, Michael L. Morris, 8918 Gibson Road, Molino, FL 32577  /  Phone 850-587-5644 / Cell 850-380-6252




Rain Bird Controller Operation Manual - Read online or print:
ESP-TM - PDF file (new window will open)

How to adjust sprinkler heads instructions:
Rain Bird 3500
Rain Bird 5000

How to winterizing to prevent costly freeze damage. Instructions for draining the backflow preventer.

Mowing Your Florida Lawn - Cutting height, frequency, thatch removal, best equipment to use, and how to calibrate your sprinkler system.

Fertilization - Proper MOWING, WATERING, and FERTILIZATION are required to attain a beautiful lawn. If you get these three elements correct, you will be well on your way to beautiful grass.

Watering Your Florida Lawn - When to water and how much.

Topdressing and Aeration are often times key processes to developing a beautiful lawn.

Turfgrass Sciences by University of Florida

For more info:
Phone 850-587-5644
Cell 850-380-6252

Licenses and insurance:
We have contractor licenses in Escambia County Florida and Escambia County Alabama. Insurance: we carry two million dollars of liability insurance. 

Nature's Own, LLC, Michael L. Morris, 8918 Gibson Road, Molino, FL 32577 /  Phone 850-587-5644 / Cell 850-380-6252

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