Assisting Mother Nature with automatic sprinkler systems, landscaping and lawn maintenance.

Mike's Nature's Own

Nature's Own, LLC, Michael L. Morris, 8918 Gibson Road, Molino, FL 32577  /  Phone 850-587-5644 / Cell 850-380-6252




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Sprinkler System - Jason F., Cantonment, FL

Mike, you did a fantastic and quick job getting my sprinkler system installed. You were a pleasure to work with, even working around my crazy work schedule. The lawn looks great too.

Sprinkler System - Ray H., Pensacola, FL

Thank for the great job you did in replacing our antiquated sprinkler system with a new 4-zone Rain Bird system! Earlier you installed a system for our next-door neighbor and they recommended your service to us, now I'm referring you to a neighbor. You are slowly beautifying our street one-lawn-at-a-time!

Lawn Maintenance - Kay., Pensacola, FL

I have used Mike's lawn care/maintenance for four years now. I feel like I have a personal gardener! With your wonderful service we never worry about the lawn and we have more time to travel. Thank you so much!

Lawn Maintenance - Becky., Cantonment, FL

Mike has been wonderful. He has slowly returned our lawn to its glory. Thank you for all you do. You are "the best."

Sprinkler System - David G., Pensacola, FL

Mike, thanks for the hard work that you put into designing our sprinkling system. I works terrific. We recommend your service every chance that we get. Thanks!

Sprinkler System - Ray H., Pensacola, FL

Nature's Own didn't install our sprinkler system in 1983, but since 2003, we've been calling Mike when it needed repairs. This year we needed a few sprinkler heads replaced and Mike handled the job as if it was a million dollar installation. Mike Morris is local, honest, dependable and knows his business. If ever he tells us we need to have the system replaced, guess who's going to do it!

Nature's Own, LLC, Michael L. Morris, 8918 Gibson Road, Molino, FL 32577 /  Phone 850-587-5644 / Cell 850-380-6252

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